25th Anniversary of the Hershey Area Art Association

Photo by  Ray Hennessy  on  Unsplash

A small group of artists got together back in 1995 and decided to create a place for all those interested in promoting and supporting the arts in the Hershey community.

One of the initiatives to celebrate this important milestone is the development of a 15 month calendar that highlights member art.  If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please submit a high quality jpeg photo of original work along with a completed registration form.  The submission may be a 2-D painting or a photo of 3-D pieces such as pottery, jewelry or wood carving.  

The submissions will be evaluated by a jury of non-participating, non-member artists and selected on the basis of creativity and originality.  There is no theme for the calendar, but photos will be placed on related months; ie. snow scenes for Winter months, flowers for Spring months.  The sales price of the calendars will be determined by the cost of production.