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Affiliate Links

We have arrangements with some online merchants to help raise money for the HAAA.

If you plan to purchase art supplies, please use the buttons below. HAAA gets a percentage of the sale at no cost to you.

If you buy on Amazon, we are a registered charity. If you choose to support us using this, we receive a portion of everything that you spend on Amazon. Again, this is at no cost to you. These are a great way to help us financially with little to no change in how you shop! Thank you!

How to submit photos for our gallery

The HAAA has a gallery here on this site to spotlight the art of its members. If you would like to submit a photo, please use the following format:

[last name][first name] - [name of piece].jpg

ie: pringle david - shattered floe.jpg

If you would like, your photo may be watermarked before you send it.

Once you've saved your photo correctly, please send it to the webmaster. Please include a brief description about the media that you used.

Request to be a featured artist

If you would like to be featured on our social media outlets or another venue, please fill out this form.


prepare for a show

Preparing your work to show can be intimidating or overwhelming. Use our handy guide to help you get started:

  • Make sure to send a registration to the event chairperson prior to the event.

  • Properly frame or finish the edges of your piece.

  • Wire it properly using D-rings or eyelets and an appropriate gauge wire. No "sawtooth" hangers are permitted. Proper wiring is necessary due to the hanging systems that are used at exhibits.

  • Download the hang tags and fill them out for each piece you will be displaying.

  • Arrive at the time that is announced by the chairperson. Some venues require us to be there at a certain time and as one group.

event chairpersons

Current Venues

These are the venues that are currently (2018) allowing us to exhibit. If you know of a venue that is not listed that would like to participate, please let us know.

  • Hershey Public Library

  • Cocoa Beanery

  • May 3 - 17          Country Meadows

  • May 12th            New two month display for art gallery hallway at Hershey Library

  • May 12th            Children's Activity at Art Fest

  • May 17th            Pop-up Tent Exhibit at Cocoa Beanery,   Bullfrog Valley Rd

  • June 9th              Old Annville Day Exhibit

  • June 14th           2nd Thursday, Cocoa Beanery

  • August 12 & 13  Blooming Art Exhibit,  Hershey Gardens Conservatory

  • More listed as they become available

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