HAAA 2018 holiday party!

Hello HAAA Members!

The holidays are right around the corner. Please save the date:

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2018 at 6PM for the annual HAAA Holiday party.  The party will be held at the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society. You and your significant art support person are invited to attend for a wonderful buffet of food, great camaraderie, and a surprise holiday activity.

Cathy Griffith is the chair for this year’s party, you can contact her at stoneyvalleyjewelry@verizon.net
Please review the information below and let Cathy know if you plan to attend, what you will bring, or how you will provide assistance for the party preparation.

1. Foods needed are  - appetizers, main course, sides and salads, dessert and beverages

2. Help set up and decorating at noon on 12/11

3.  Provide a large 30 cup coffee pot

4. Volunteer to assist Cathy in planning and preparation

There will also be a sign up sheet at the November meeting.

Thank you!!