Prez Sez, July 2018

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer of relaxing.    I have enjoyed the majority of cooler, less humid days so far.   Now those hot, humid days get their turn!!

Like weather cycles, HAAA also has it's cycles.   Even though our monthly meetings have taken a hiatus, there are still many facets being worked on  in the background.  

One of those features will be the September meeting.   This will be a time to appreciate the members and to help the members learn about the workings that take place behind the scenes of our Association - the Nuts and Bolts that go into making Hershey Area Art Association unique and strong.  

Who are your Board members and how does each one contribute to support our efforts to accomplish our mission.   How do we benefit both our members and the community?       How are our many art shows organized and managed?    What are our long term goals?   What do you envision for our future, both long  and short term?       Come prepared to ask questions and share ideas. 

Enjoy a brief art history story about how art can influence culture while you enjoy a variety of membership appreciation treats.

You, the HAAA members, are the vitality of the organization.  It’s important that you understand what is necessary to maintain and nurture HAAA so we can continue to support the arts through education and community involvement.  There will be fun activities,  and of course, camaraderie. 

Four individuals had a dream 23 years ago.  Their dream has flourished into the present Hershey Area Art Association.    A wonderful foundation has been set, and with  foresight to dream and thoughtfully charting  our purpose, we will continue to grow.

Why am I telling you all this now when it's two months away?   To pique your enthusiasm so you'll mark your calendar and not miss it!   I hope to see you at our September meeting to kick off the monthly meeting cycle and have some fun celebrating our Association.

Fall shows/sales are in the works, with registrations coming online as appropriate.  Upcoming ones are:

  • Two month displays at both the Hershey Library and Cocoa Beanery          (Continuous)
  • Blooming Art in the Conservatory                                                                       (August)
  • Art at Hershey Story Museum                                                                              (September)

Although you can access our website with the old domain name,  our new domain name is

Please check out the classes and workshops that are also available.


Cindy Ankney, President