Prez Sez May 2018


The 2018 recipient for our scholarship is Chinh Tran. She is a senior at Susquehanna Township High School and plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in the Fall of 2018. Chinh is a member of Susquehanna Township’s School of the Arts Program and plans on majoring in illustration in college. In the future she hopes to write and illustrate stories that will inspire the next generation, and those after, to be main characters of their own stories.

Please plan to come out to meet her at our May 8th general meeting as she shares her works of art with us. We will begin at 7 PM. This will be our last monthly meeting before summer break.

Also that evening a group of students from Steelton Highspire High School will share information about a special arts and creative writing centered club that meets every week in the morning at 7am. Sharing breakfast together, the members use visual arts and creative writing to help cope with the pain, trauma and challenges associated with loved ones being incarcerated. The students also work in tandem with a group of gentlemen, currently staying in a halfway house in Harrisburg, on a collaborative mural. The Steelton Highspire group represents the first school on the east coast to have such a program, and is seeing some tremendous results.

Hopefully you have had a chance to visit our new website. Could you spare a little bit of time to share in the oversight of posting new information for our Association? Below are areas we would like to have some assistance posting information: Events, calendar, or news page (blog). Contact David Pringle at for more information and details. You can access the new site by either domain name: or

We have a committee of five members working to compile guidelines for 3D (or quality crafts) art to incorporate in our shows where possible. They will have a separate Show Chair who will work in tandem with a fine art Show Chair. If you would like to be identified as a 3D artist and included in shows that exhibit 3D, please let Sue Myers know. Her e-mail is

Spring exhibits are coming up. The following are scheduled, along with Show Chair or registration information:

Country Meadows May 3-17, 2018

Connie Davis

Library Change-out May 12th, 2018

Marie Gamon

Cocoa Beanery Tent May 17, 2018

Mary Lott

Art at the Cocoa Beanery end of May

Linda Rose

Old Annville Day June 10, 2018

Marcia Leister

Cocoa Beanery 2nd Thursdays Summer

Mary Lott

You will note that there are three opportunities at the Cocoa Beanery. The "tent" show on May 18th is a one day outdoor show, weather permitting; 2nd Thursday events are during the Farmer's Market four months in the summer. Three of our artists, both 3D and fine art, display their works inside the Cocoa Beanery during the afternoon, early evening. Art at the Cocoa Beanery is where three artists display hung work for a two month period in the dining area of the establishment.

Thank you for all your support to make our Association flourish. No task is too small - many small strands make the rope strong and durable.

Cindy Ankney, President