Save the Date: 2019 Members' Show

Basic Information - more details to follow on

Registration:   Online or by mail, the forms will be online, we are working on them, so look for them in the next week or so.

Remember: We would like art work that has not been previously shown at our shows.

 Dates to remember:   Registration deadline:   March 2, 2019

IntakeMarch 9, 2019

at the Hershey Library 9:30AM - 11:00AM  

Reception: Sunday March 17  time:  TBD

3-D work:  I am working on securing the small case in the library for jewelry,  and I would hope to have a table at the Reception to display larger 3-D works.

Size:   up to 24x30  If you are doing something larger, It can be displayed on an easel (that you provide) on the day of the Reception.  And if we have room, we will contact you so we can display it in the hallway.

Entry Fee:  $5 for 1 - 3 pieces, $10 for 4- 6 pieces 

Depending upon space, you may be limited to 2-3 pieces

Questions: Marie Gamon  phone:  717.903.6748


The Salvation Army Store, off Route 22 near Costco, is going out of business.  They have display racks and other items for exhibiting art and 3D items at very reasonable prices.  Check it out!  

Thanks to Maria Gronlund for this information.

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