Prez Sez, July 2019

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Calendar Reminder!!
Hershey Area Art Association will meet at 7PM on September 10, 2019 at Lebanon Valley College, Susan H.

Arnold Art Gallery

Salvator Dali
The Persistence of Memory 1931

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**COCOA BEANERY We have two ongoing events at the Cocoa Beanery:
1. Restaurant Art Rotation- Three to four artists are needed for the next turnover of art on

August 5 Contact if your interested in displaying your work.
2. Second Thursday Art Show in the social room of Cocoa Beanery is almost booked.

July 11 is Cathy Griffith, Loretta Moore, Sue Myers; August 8 is David Pringle. Visit for more information or contact Mary Lott at

**ALLEN THEATRE BACKSTAGE CAFE The display in the theatre restaurant area is already booked for the summer months. July is Nick Elsener, Jim Davis, George Reitbauer; August is Marilyn Ladieu. Check the website if you’re interested in getting on future rotations.

**HERSHEY CONSERVATORY SHOW AUGUST 24th and 25th - Register online at for this beautiful annual show. Summer weekends are very busy at Hershey Gardens, a good crowd is expected.

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John McNulty - Eight week oil painting class July 12 to August 30, 9:30AM to 12:30PM
Lynne Yancha - Three day watercolor workshop July 17 - July 19 at Spring Hill Suites, 10AM to 4PM

Deb Watson - Two day watercolor workshop August 7 - August 8, 9AM to 3:30PM Paul Gallo - Six week drawing class starting August 22 - September 26, 1 to 4PM Register for classes at Class questions; contact Kathy Smeltzer at

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Below is an interesting bit of art history during the slow summer season -

Salvator Dali - Inspirational and Bonkers!

I try to step up my reading during the summer. Currently I’m reading “Paintings that Changed the World” published in Germany by Prestel in 2003. The way art has influenced our culture has always interested me. While every artist depicted is interesting, one of my favorites is Salvador Dali. Everyone knows Dali for his odd melting watches, but he was also one of the greatest visionaries of the Surrelist movement.

Dali grew up spoiled by a permissive mother who was shocked when his school reported his sadistic and bizarre behavior. She continued to tell him it was just his well developed imagination that would later carry him to fame. Years later both his critics and fans considered him a megalomaniac, an anarchist, neurotic and sexually perverse - a fame of sorts.

One example of his bizarre adult behavior was the methods he used to woo his wife Gala. He wore cut off shirts to expose his navel, (remember this is 1929) he died his armpit hair blue, smeared his body with fish paste and goat dung. He would then collapse at her feet laughing hysterically. Gala found him repulsive but after one year, she vowed, “My little boy! We’ll never leave each other!”

He was very influenced by Freudian psychology and used his own subconscious dreams and hallucinations to inspire his work. Detail was his fetish; using it in scenarios teeming with grotesque motifs. But some of his inspiration was also drawn from mundane reality. He said of his most renowned work, The Persistence of Memory, “You can be sure that my famous soft watches are nothing other than the affectionate, extravagant, lonely, paranoid-critical Camembert of time and space”. Dali 1935

The story has it that he painted “The Persistence of Memory” after having eaten too much Camembert cheese.

After suffering from depression at losing Gala, who according to local rumor was slowing poisoning Dali during the last years of her life. The poison affected his nervous system and lead to the end of his painting. In 1989 in failing health, Dali did a brief TV interview and proclaimed, “When you are a genius, you don’t have the right to die, because we are necessary for the progress of humanity”.

He died anyway, at the age of 84. The Dali mystery - was it the Camembert cheese or Gala’s poison?

Lips Sofa - Dali 1931 Lobster Phone - Dali 1937 Perpignan Station - Dali 1965

Submitted - Kathleen Grim President HAAA