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Collage is the art of design to express a theme or idea, be it momentos from a trip or a life, a design of geometrics, to an explosion of colors depicting natural objects, this class is for you. You will learn to design and arrange your colors and objects on a canvas to best show off your personal thoughts, ideas or momentos. We will use colored papers of all types and a variety of objects that you bring with you.

If you love to arrange things, but are not interested in drawing, this class is for you. If you love to draw, you are encouraged to use your drawing skills in a new way. Either way, you will have fun and learn !

Marie is a graduate of Penn State with a degree in Art Education. She has worked with adults and children of all ages and abilities. She teaches privately and currently teaches art classes for the Hershey Area Art Association. Marie has many years of teaching and collage experience. Many of her currents works are collage pieces using her own painted papers and drawings.


PAPERS: a variety of colors, designs, textures. Anything from wrapping paper to magazines to the varieties of scrap booking paper available at craft stores.

Feathers, leaves, weeds, twigs and other momentos that have meaning to you.

Buttons and ribbons

String/yarns, fabric

Stretched canvas or canvas board or Matt board is ok, but may buckle if using a watery medium to attach items

Notebook or sketchbook and pencil for note taking and sketching out ideas

Acrylic paints (if you want to add some painted areas)

Ink and pen (optional)

Matt medium or Modge Podge (this should be relatively thick and paste like)

Old brushes to apply the matt medium



$100 for Members……$115 for Non-members

This class will be held at the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society

40 Northeast Dr. Lower Level

Hershey, PA 17033

Please make your check payable to: Hershey Area Art Association

P O Box 654

Hershey, PA 17033

You may register for this class by pressing the button below