Our social media team

In order to connect with the community through internet relations, we have set up a team dedicated to bringing our opportunities and involvements onto social media. 

We have worked hard to build our visibility but we are open to suggestions and submissions for posts.

Our goal is to reach our core audience to help us continue to serve the community.


David pringle

David is a Hummelstown, Pennsylvania-based artist. He was formally-trained as a photographer and worked for the Daytona Beach News-Journal and several Florida magazines. He credits his disability for giving him the opportunity to focus on other creative outlets such as mobile photography, painting, and pottery.

A 'seasoned' social media advocate, David has been very active on Twitter and Instagram.

David also designed and manages the Hershey Area Art Association website.

You can find him most places online under the username @dpringle or on his site:


2018 Gronlund Maria.jpg

Maria elana gronlund

Maria is a Pittsburgh native residing in Harrisburg, PA. With no formal training and a love of drawing, she started painting eight years ago with the compulsion to capture her grandchildren's image in art. Her passion for art has not waned and she is a prolific painter. Published in, "H for Hershey," with five paintings for author Heather Paterno, Maria has finished another project for the same author illustrating a children's book,"PJ Bird." The book is available through Archway publishing and is available on Amazon.

Maria's Facebook page

2018 Hoffman Diana.jpg

Diana Jo Hoffman

Diana Jo Hoffman is an artist based in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Hoffman creates abstract paintings in the mediums of both oils and acrylics, although she prefers working in oils. Even as a young child, Hoffman showed an interest in art. 


Since 2015, she has been creating abstract works of art inspired by music—building layers of color and line to capture the rhythm, tone, and lyricism of her imagination. In 2017, Hoffman earned a B.A. in art and art history from Lebanon Valley College. She has since had several commissions, sold several pieces, and has had an art show at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse. Hoffman continues to paint. 


Art is a way for her to be free and escape the problems she faces in her everyday life as well. It allows her to feel free from her disability but, at the same time, she also feels like she would not have found painting had she not had her disability, people to push her and encourage her, and picked up a paintbrush.

Instagram: dianajohoffman

Portfolio: http://www.dianajohoffman.myportfolio.com