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Cocoa Beanery Art Exhibit
to Apr 16

Cocoa Beanery Art Exhibit

HAAA has a rotating two-month exhibit at the Cocoa Beanery near Penn State Hershey Medical Center of our artists' work. 

Art can be viewed at any time during Cocoa Beanery business hours.

Art is on a rotating schedule, open to HAAA members.

Next Rotations Scheduled

  • Feb 13th– April 16th  (Closed, Full Scheduled)

  • April 16th– June 11th (Open)

  • June 11th  – Aug 13th (Open)

To Register Go Online - If you would like to display your art in a busy, popular cafe setting, please submit a Event Registration Form.

In your completed registration form please be sure to include;

  • Name of event “Cocoa Beanery Art Exhibit”.

  • Desired rotation date

  • In the Additional Message Box of the form, please include type of Media desired to be shown. (Sorry this venue cannot accommodate 3D art).

Art Show HAAA Contact: Nick Elsener

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[cancelled] Cocoa Beanery Pop-up Event
2:30 PM14:30

[cancelled] Cocoa Beanery Pop-up Event

We are sorry, but this event has been cancelled due to bad weather

You are invited to show your art at the POPUP ART TENT held outside the Cocoa Beanery on the opening day of the Farmer’s Market on Bull Frog Road on Thursday May 17th from 2:30 – 6 pm.

The public is invited to join us on the Beanery's lawn.

Members, you can either show your work with other HAAA members under the joint HAAA tent or you can have your own tent there.

For more information – see attachment & application form.

Deadline for signups is May 10th.

NOTE: Since this is an outdoor event - if there is bad weather this event will be canceled.


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